The darkfox market has been around for a while. Since two years ago, the site has managed to accumulate large numbers of sales from users across the globe. You might have ever been the part of the users.

But not only for buyers, this marketplace is also interesting for the sellers. In anyway, the site is open for both customers and providers. If you do want to be a vendor in the darkfox market, you are good to go. As long as you have already prepared everything you need to do it, then you could proceed.

Becoming A vendor is as easy as becoming a buyer in this marketplace. But before going further, you will want to know the basic information about the site and make yourself familiar.

What is this site?

It’s a javascript-free darknet marketplace used to buy or sell a lot of goods. The site’s main focuses on security, privacy and being user friendly. We want everyone to feel welcome and supported, no matter whether vendor or buyer, paid or free.

Whats DarkFox Market Link?


How does the refferal system works?

If you refer to a user and he proceeds to buy an item, you will receive 10% of the marketplace’s fee of the transaction amount.

Is the transaction safe?

The marketplace offers normal and multisignature escrows to secure the transactions on our market.

What is the minimal deposit and withdrawal amount ?

You need to deposit at least 0.0005 BTC otherwise your coins will be lost. Withdraws are available from 0.001 BTC.

How many transaction confirmations do you need for credit my deposit?

We need 2 confirmations for credit your deposit to the account wallet. Multisig escrow wallet deposits will be credited after 6 confirmations from darkfox market url.

How to send physical items?

Just like the buyers would order from even a clearnet online shop. Available shipping options and details will be listed on the auction’s info. As a vendor, you will want to inform your buyers about the shipping methods and availability of the services in their country.

How to send digital items?

Digital products are automatically sent to the buyer account once the transaction is finished. The good thing about selling digital products is that you don’t have to worry about the shipment, logistics, inventory, and others. DarkFox market is also an ideal darkfox market url to sell digital items that you can’t sell in the clearnet marketplace.

How much does the darkfox market vendor status cost?

Vendor status price is 150 USD.

How can i enable FE and FE 50% payments in my listing?

If you are vendor and you want to use Finalize Early and Finalize Early Half payments in your listings you need to contact support and ask for FE permission.

The support will help you out from the beginning to the end.

Can I use credit cards autoshop?

Credit cards autoshop is using finalize early payments. You must be FE Allowed to use it.

How to get the good Vendor Status? Do I need to pay for it as a vendor?

No. If you are a verified vendor on another marketplace then the darkfox market officials will verify it and you’ll get the status for free.

You can file a free-vendor status application form on your profile settings. If there are any other reasons we should give you a free vendor status, try to convince us and we’ll decide.

Does the marketplace support MultiSignature escrow?


What is MultiSignature escrow?

It’s a system that prevents anyone from withdrawing the funds before the transaction is finished. The money isn’t available to the seller, the buyer, not even for the administrators of the marketplace or anyone else.

Does the marketplace support PGP & 2FA?

Yes, you can add PGP key to your profile and then activate 2FA login.

What are the transaction fees on the marketplace?

Standard escrows – 5%, MultiSig escrows – 4%. Cryptocurrency withdrawals fee is 1% plus network fee which will be charged from the chosen amount you want to withdraw.

What does “dispute” mean?

If your buyer feels scammed you can start a dispute. The market confronts the sides of the transaction on moderator’s watch and determine who is in the wrong. The funds will be put on hold if the transaction is escrow-protected until the dispute is closed.

Is a dispute necessary?

No. It’s always better to resolve the problems between the buyer and the vendor directly, no staff involved. If there’s something wrong, just notify the buyers. Then, if there’s no action taken, file a dispute. As a vendor, you might want to clearly describe the product descriptions, terms of services, warranties, inquiries, and other information to your customers. Make sure that your information is understandable so that there won’t be any misunderstanding in the first place.

What are valid reasons for a dispute?

Not receiving a part of the product or the product at all, receiving a different product or receiving a damaged product.

Being a vendor

It’s worth a mention because this is rare.

darkfox market allows you to browse the entire market without registering! That means you can view the products, reviews, complete vendor details, and everything else without registration!

This allows you to check if the market has exactly the product you need. You can also check if a vendor is legitimate enough for you to deal with him/her.

Do note that registration still will be required if you wish to make a sale.

It obviously is a third-party market. Any individual can be a buyer or a seller on the market. The market only acts as a third-party escrow mediator and listing website.

Despite its massive product stock and user-base, the vendor fee is surprisingly low, set at just $150.00.

For established vendors, no fee is required. They even accept custom proposals, if a vendor can prove why he/she deserves a free vendor account.

Firstly, Register an account

By clicking the darkfox market link on this page, you may go to the darkfox market homepage.

The DDOS Captcha puzzles can be solved.

The registration process will start when you click Register.

There should be no connection between your username and password and any of your personal information. For purchases and withdrawals, create a PIN.

To advance to the next step, solve the captcha. The 24 mnemonics should be copied and stored safely. This mnemonic is the sole way to reset your password or retrieve your account.

You may set up your PGP key once you’ve logged in. Communications must be encrypted and decoded before being transmitted for security reasons.